Top Five Green Lantern Oaths

As mentioned before, many members of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe have over time devised their own oaths to recite as they recharge their rings. No matter the words spoken, each is meant to reaffirm each Green Lantern’s commitment to the responsibility and code of the Corps. Here are the Top Ten Green Lantern Oaths:

1. The Standard Oath
“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”

2. The oath of Penelops, an aquatic huge eye with green tentacles!
“In brightest light,
in darkest sea,
all dangers will be seen by me!
While others from these dangers flee,
I shall always a Green Lantern be!”

Green Lantern Blackest Night

Blackest Night

Green Lantern Secret Origin

Secret Origin

Green Lantern Secret Origin


Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol 1

Sinestro Corps War Vol 1

Green Lantern Rage of the Red Lanterns

Rage of the Red Lanterns

3. How about the oath of Jack T. Chance? Edgy but I like it!
“You who are wicked, evil and mean
I’m the nastiest creep you’ve ever seen!
Come one, come all, put up a fight
I’ll pound your butts with Green Lantern’s light!

4. Blind oath? Rot Lop Fan’s people can’t see, but that doesn’t stop them!
“In loudest din or hush profound
My ears catch evil’s slightest sound
Let those who toll out evil’s knell
Beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!”

5. Green Lantern Kho from the Khundian military has an animalistic oath:

“Against dishonor and traitor’s flight
I stand beside my clan to fight
With dying breath I claw and bite
Beware my power
Green Lantern’s light!”

What are YOURS?

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21 Responses to Top Five Green Lantern Oaths

  1. Willie Santos says:

    Less than one month til the big flick….

  2. Sailor_Sega says:

    I can’t believe Duck Dodger’s Green Lantern oath isn’t in the top five
    “In blackest day or brightest night
    Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda yadda
    Erm… superstitious and cowardly lot
    With liberty and justice for all!”

  3. tvenom4820 says:

    In days of peace, in nights of war
    Obey the laws forever more
    Misconduct must be answered for,
    Swear us the chosen: The Alpha Corps!!!!!!

  4. Kyle Rayner says:

    In deepest Hell,
    In highest sky,
    No Evil shall escape my fart.
    Before the innocent can be harmed,
    I’ll kill you all, so be warned!

  5. Richard J. says:

    In deepest Hell,
    In highest sky,
    No Evil shall escape my eye.
    Before the innocent can be harmed,
    I’ll kill you all, so be warned!”

    A much better version than the one above…

  6. Hal Jordan says:

    These are awesome!

  7. elliesse says:

    From shining peace,
    to blackest fights…

    despell the night,
    embrace your light…

    this is my strength!

  8. Gianna Thompson says:

    SOO GREEEN!!!!! ^______^ <3

    • Gianna Thompson says:

      roses are red violets blue Mi future husband GREEN LANTERN will KILL YOUUU >:) <3
      …MAAAA MAN!

  9. kenji says:

    in darkest days, in coldest nights
    i shall arise from ashes flight
    when heroes fell and hopes dismay
    i shall bear GREEN LANTERNS name

  10. Desertscorpion says:

    From the highest stars, to the pits of hell,
    When evil seems to have prevailed,
    He puts a song in my heart, and my loins He doth gird,
    Invincible!: the power of The Word!

  11. Desertscorpion says:

    From Wikipedia:

    Just as other Corps use an oath to charge their rings using a power battery, Indigo-1 is shown charging her ring using her power staff and the Indigo Tribe’s own oath.[12] In their first extended appearance, the Indigo Tribe is depicted speaking a language that power rings are unable to translate; thereby remaining indecipherable to the reader as well. Though Indigo-1 explains that her Tribe is capable of speaking in a language others can understand when they choose, their oath has only been shown spoken in the aforementioned fictional language of Geoff Johns’ creation.[12] Johns has said that the Corps oaths have a tempo regardless of what language they’re spoken in, adding: “But speaking of languages, the Indigo Tribe speaks an interesting one.”[20]

    “Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
    Natromo faan tornek wot ur.
    Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
    Taan lek lek nok–Formorrow Sur!

    Shooting from the hip, I came up with a possible translation. I’d hope that someone who is more of a poet and knows the lanterns better than me could tighten it up a little. I welcome any revisions. Here’s mine:

    Through brightest day or blackest night,
    Our tribal family shall stand for right.
    As our Lantern savior Abin Sur,
    give himself for others–Compassionate Sur!)

  12. Stephen Vince says:

    “When darkness fills our brightest day
    Don’t be afraid, I’m on my way
    I’ll keep you safe with all my might
    I’ll bring you peacce with GREEN LANTERN’s LIGHT.”

  13. Celeste Pastore says:

    My personal Green Lantern Oath:

    “Through brightest day or blackest night
    My song shall sound with deafening might
    No evil shall escape my sight
    For I bear the song of GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!”

    Sort of a bardic take on it.

  14. theninjaqwe says:

    brightest day or darkest night,
    no one will find my ninjas might ,
    intill we see green lantern’s light

  15. Earth Dragoon says:

    On the brightest day or the blackest night
    I shall stand and take up the fight
    For I fear no evils might
    Cause my power is the GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!

  16. Uber Kool.. says:

    on the biggest butts to the smallest ass
    no evil shall escape my wrath
    as i hold the key to green lanterns path

  17. jax blade says:

    wile i do math you walk the path all evil fear my wrath cause im the best green lanterns mith

  18. Trekie says:

    I have a couple, and am thinking of more…

    In times of wonder, in times of play;
    No evil shall, ruin my day;
    Cause if you do, run and pray;

    And: I made this one after seeing that Duck Dodger’s episode.

    In brightest night! In blackest day
    Rainbows and unicorns… pretty gay.
    thingymajig on my hand…….??
    whatchamacallit…? Uggghh… green lantern’s merry band!!

  19. Grays says:

    In peaceful progress
    In troublesum trials
    To destroy evil I’d travel for miles
    Those who are bad who stand in my path
    Beware the power of green lanterns wrath.

  20. Grays says:

    Here is a senestro corps one

    I am evil I am bad
    I have no problem making you sad
    I will kill I will cause remorse
    Fear the senestro corps