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Abin Sur Up Close

So last week I was in LA and took the Warner Brothers studio tour. We saw lots of cool stuff – the piano from Casablanca, cars from Gran Torino, Austin Powers, Get Smart, Batman and other flicks, and the back … Continue reading

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Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern Movie

Are you as excited as I am for this summer’s blockbuster Green Lantern movie?? June 17 – get here NOW! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is taking on the role of test pilot turned galactic protector Hal Jordan, the most popular of the Green Lanterns in the comic universe. Personally, I think Reynolds is a good casting call – he seems to fit the vibe of the character and he’s popular with today’s audiences. And with an estimated $150 million budget, I hope Warner Bros. chose wisely! I think when Reynolds first speaks the famous Green Lantern Oath, audiences nationwide will erupt….

While the storyline of the movie is still somewhat guarded, the basic premise is that Hal Jordan is recruited to be the first human in the Green Lantern Corps and is to fight Parallax in an attempt to save the known universe. Blake Lively (love that name) stars as Carol Ferris, childhood sweetheart of Hal. However, my early opinion is that it’s the charm and wit of Reynolds along with the expected dazzling green special effects that will make this one of the must-see movies of the 2011 summer. Check out the latest trailer.

Of course, this has franchise written all over it. The third Batman movie is expected out next year, there are the Thor and Captain America movies also due out later this summer as part of the large Avengers project, and there’s even talk of yet another Superman reboot. A Nick Fury movie is also in the works, from what I hear. Apparently we still love our comic heroes. Let’s just hope Reynolds and accomplished director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro) can keep the magic of the Green Lantern alive.

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern: In brightest day, in blackest night…. get ready!

DC Universe at Entertainment Earth

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Who is Your Favorite Green Lantern?

The diehard Green Lantern fans already know that different people have actually served as Earth’s Green Lantern over time. Confused? Don’t be – it’s just a passing of the mantle over time, over generations to keep the power of the … Continue reading

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